How to use BcCluster!

Basic Guide

This is the basic guide for public users to access BcCluster. Further questions can be addressed by contacting Akshay Bhat bhat@mosaiques-diagnostics.com or Jerome Zoidakis izoidakis@bioacademy.gr.

Search Interface

All query terms should be placed in the "Search Box" above. Following are examples of search-terms to be used in BcCluster

*N.B - please use correct entries, for e.g. TP53 and not "P53". In addition, a combination of query terms can also be used. For e.g. TP53 and 24476821, would provide results for the protein-coding gene TP53 that was reported in the specific article 24476821.

Access Database via Omics Type

Users intending to query or search comprehensive features based on the sequencing platform or literature mined IHC validated experiments can get information based on the following;

All molecules are presented based on the results from Bhat et. al (PLoS ONE 10(1): e0116404. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0116404). Each omics type contains references for the molecule reported in the BcCluster database. More information on the BcCluster database can be obatined in the published article "A Bladder Cancer Database at the Molecular Level".